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7 Frequent Mistakes Your Making With Your Dishwasher

Posted by David Adamson on

Whether you grew up with a dishwasher in your home or not, nobody really knows how the whole thing is supposed to work...I mean haven't we all over flooded the dishwasher once in our life?? Okay, maybe that was just me. Either way, we could all use some tips on how to use it properly. 


Mistake #1: Putting Good Knives in The Dishwasher

  • Don't throw $$ down the drain. If you have a nice set knives, it would be smart to just hand wash them. The abrasive detergent, high heat, and jostling with other dishwasher items will cause the blade to dull prematurely and give your knife nicks in the edge. 


Mistake #2: Loading One Dish at A Time

  • Though the alternative to this is piling your dishes up in the sink, it will help you use space efficiently when you're loading all of the dishes at one time. Your call.


Mistake #3: Not Sorting Flatware First

  • A simple tip that will help you unload your dishwasher much faster is to sort the flatware by category, then when the dishes are done they are much easier to put away. 


Mistake #4: Letting Your Spoons Spoon

  • Perfectly nested spoons might save space, but it means that water and detergent can not get in between them. Just like any other type of flatware, alternate them between heads and heads down to prevent this problem. 


Mistake #5: Loading Cookie Sheets in The Wrong Spot

  • Your big, flat trays and pans should be on the sides of the bottom rack, never the front. You don't want them to block access to the detergent dispenser. 


Mistake #6: Ignoring The Sprayer Arm

  • The arm that cleans all of your dishes is in the center of the dishwasher, so it is your job to make sure that all of your dishes are in a clear path of that. This will help all your dishes get cleaned evenly. 


Mistake #7: Unloading The Top First

  • The top rack of your dishwasher usually has cups or bows that hold a lot of that leftover dish water. This water is usually filled with dirt and grime, which is not good to be spilled all over the bottom rack. Try to make it a habit to unload the bottom rack first and you should be golden. 


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