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9+ Hipster Home Decor IDEAS | Storage Theory

Posted by Erin Monahan on

So, you have decided you want to become one with the hipsters. The good news is, I've got you covered with the home decorating aspect of it. All you need to do now is grow yourself a mustache, throw on a beanie and talk about the environment any chance you get...and you are set!    Enjoy these 9+ tips to inspire your inner interior designer.  1) One Word: PLANTS. Adding any type of green living organism to your space is going to instantly make it look more alive...literally. I recommend succulents if you are really bad at taking care of things, like...

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How to Organize the Coat Closet | Storage Theory

Posted by Christine Young on

The coat closet gets a lot of use, all year long. The family often dumps their stuff in the closet when they get home. Tossing book bags, dirty shoes, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, jackets and winter wear into the closet keeps the clutter out of the entryway, foyer,  and living room, but then you end up with a closet that looks like this. You have to step over clutter to get to your jacket. You can't find your favorite gloves. Your kids' soccer cleats are buried under a mess and you're already 10 minutes late for practice. Save yourself from a coat closet...

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How to Keep Your Storage Spaces Organized

Posted by James Hardman on

Storage and organization doesn't have to be hard. It just takes a little planning to get started and stay organized. Let's look at your storage spaces to get them organized. 1. Determine what storage spaces you have.2. How does each space function?3. What items need be stored?4. Do you need additional storage and organization solutions? Take a walk through your house and any of these storage options you have just discovered. Is there usable space in your attic? Crawl Space or Basement? How about a shed in the back yard? Is there space in the garage? Do you have shelves or built-in cabinets that have...

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