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Power Perch

Light Almond

Clear up counter and sink space with our Power Perch Product -- Easy to install! Many options for your outlet needs!

  • Maximize Space. Perfect for saving space in any room, Power Perch allows you to create an extra shelf in seconds using your existing outlet cover. Hold items up to 10 lbs for toothbrushes, electronic devices, and smart speakers such as Google Home & Amazon Echo.
  • Easy to Install. Easily transform cluttered spaces in three easy steps without any fuss. Simply remove the face plate, replace with the existing face plate and screws (included in the package), and start using your new shelf!
  • Cord Management. Avoid unwanted hanging cords by keeping them nicely tucked away, avoiding ugly hanging cords. Power Perch’s design includes a discreet opening for cords to travel through, allowing your favorite devices to charge or stay connected at all times.
  • Versatile. Made to work two ways, this shelf can be mounted vertically for a top shelf, or upside down for a bottom shelf, making it the ultimate solution for short cables or using free space to fit perfectly in any location.
  • MADE IN USA. Storage Theory proudly designs and manufactures all products in the USA from our facility in Cedar Rapids, IA. We believe busy households deserve simplicity in functional products.
  • Shelf Dimensions: 4"x 6"


works with what you have

Power Perch works with what you have: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home, Beat Pill and other wireless talking boxes that could take over the world.

Adding a shelf to your outlets saves space on your counters for the better things in life… like wine or… more wine.

Fits most vertical single outlets (standard and GFCI) while also requiring no additional hardware. No, it won’t fit that Dolphin casted decorative outlet cover you bought in the Keys that one summer because you wanted a beach themed bathroom.

Install is quick, easy and safe – Just like switching out your outlet cover! But with a new sturdier one that can support a family of 4.

No worries about cord management, the built-in gap gives you easy access to the outlet.

Just like our outlet shelves; we’re very supportive. Easy to follow instructions and Susan I mean Customer Service is available everyday of the week! Drop her a line, she can get bored being awesome.

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