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Gerald Beranek, the creator and inventor of the VuSee

Dad Created, Mom Approved

Meet Gerald Beranek, the creator and inventor of the VuSee. He’s also a husband, father, entrepreneur, founder/owner of a Beratek Industries, the innovative, 100% integrated molding/manufacturing company.  As a mechanical and manufacturing engineer from the University of Iowa; Early in his career, Gerald found his true passion was in developing and manufacturing simple innovative products to solve those little annoyances that you encounter every day in life. 

In March 2014 the birth of his first son Levi was approaching, Gerald discovered the was no way to safely secure the baby monitor while providing full view of the baby. Out of frustration and means to solve a simple problem, came development and creation of VuSee. VuSee, the first universal baby monitor mount was an inherent success and eventually created its own market category. 

After all the success with VuSee and the development of other several innovative products; in early 2017 Storage Theory, our organization and storage company was born. And with the resources and capabilities of our in-house Beratek team; we are very excited to share all of our smart solutions with you and your family to organize and simplify your life.


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