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Question: Does this also include a black outlet cove?

Answer: No. You remove the existing outlet cover and screw, place this item over the outlet, and then re-screw in the outlet cover. If you want a black outlet cover, you'll have to buy one.


Question: Could this hold the weight of a normal sized cordless drill? The drill is in the rv so I do not know the exact measurements or weight?

Answer: Depending on your outlet type it should hold the weight of a small cordless drill with no problem. If it is a GFCI type outlet with two screws which hold the cover on then it shouldn't have a problem. If it is a standard outlet with one screw which holds the cover on then I wouldn't recommend it to hold a cordless drill.





Question: Will this work on a light switch?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is a regular size switch plate. It is very convenient.


Question: Will it work on a double outlet?

Answer: It will work on a double outlet but make sure your outlet covers has a screw and just does not pop out of place you will need the screw to hold the caddy in place


Question: Is it paintable?

Answer: It's plastic, so I'm sure if you used a plastic spray paint it would work fine.





Question: Must the corner be in a 90 degree angle?

Answer: Yes, the piece is not adjustable


Question: Does the shelf work with iBaby monitor M6?

Answer: No, VuSee won't work with the iBaby monitor. The iBaby monitor is held onto it's base via magnets. Because VuSee mounts at an angle the monitor won't stay on the base.


Question: Does this work with HelloBaby monitors?

Answer: We have not tested that specific monitor but it appears that it would work with VuSee. If for any reason you were not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund.


Question: If i want to screw to wall, does it need to be on a stud?

Answer: Nope. The shelf is mounted on the wall just by the strips that were provided


Question: Will this work with a levana moniter?

Answer: Definitely. The base is pretty much universal. There is an adhesive piece that goes on your monitor to hold it in place on the shelf.


Question: Will this work with vtech safe&sound vm341?

Answer: Yes the Vusee Universal Mount should work with that model.

Question: Will this work for the samsung babyview monitor? it comes with the environmental afspotor too will they both fit?

Answer: Based on dimensions of the product it would unfortunately not fit on the shelf


Question: Would this work for a nest cam? nest cams are a bit heavier than regular baby monitors so i want to be sure before purchasing. thanks!

Answer: Yes, we have several nest cam users. Only with the Corner Vusee though. Not the Flat.


Question: Will this work on textered plaster walls?

Answer: As long as you screw it into the wall - the tape won't work.


Question: How big is this from corner to end of side? I need to make sure it fits before our window shade

Answer: 4 1/2 inches is correct

Question: Will this stick to a textured wall?

Answer: It is not recommended for a heavily textured wall but something similar to an “orange peel” would work

Question: Is the flat mount compatible with the HelloBaby monitor?

Answer: Thank you for you question. We have not tested it here as a company, but the weight of it (1lb) is compatible. If the bottom of the camera has a flat space to attach the adapter clip, even better. The range of motion should work great as well. I believe we have had several customers with the same monitor use the Flat to mount their camera. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product we do have a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee and you can return it for a full refund.


Question: Will the flat version work with the snug baby monitor?

Answer: Hi Amber! We have not tested that specific model but from looking at the photos online it appears that it would work. Of course if for some reason it does not we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and you can return it for a full refund.


Question: How high do I mount this?

Answer: That completely depends on your preferences. For me, I went has high as the power cord allowed. I would say go as high as you need to get the room coverage you want.


Question: Which one of "corner" or "flat" mount is good for seeing the whole room?

Answer: Corner would be best to see entire room


Question: What corner of the room should it be mounted in to see the whole crib?

Answer: I think it depends on how your room is set up. We tried the camera in each of the corners to see which angle we liked best (ours ended up being in the corner on the same wall the crib was on).


Question: I'm wondering how the flat one is any different that just mounting the monitor on the wall?

Answer: The advantage would be no damage to the wall, most monitors are mounted with screws and we use damage free adhesive.


Question: Is this compatible with the infant optics dxr-5?

Answer: Yes, this is compatible with all Baby Monitors.

Easy to install and doesn't damage your paint when removing it. Comes right off!


Question: Does it work with the Levana sphere shaped camera monitors?

Answer: Yes, VuSee will work with Levana sphere monitors. VuSee will work with any monitor with the included adapter. If you have a single wall mounting hole on the bottom of the camera then you will not need the adapter. If you have more than one hole or none at all then you can use the adapter.


Question: Is this mount compatible with the motorola mbp85connect camera?

Answer: It should be - the shelf is rated to 2 lbs., that cam is 1.1. It also appears to have a flat surface to mount the clip that holds the cam to the shelf.


Question: Does this work with Foscam video cameras?

Answer: Yes, VuSee is compatible with Foscam video cameras.


Question: Is this compatable with the Project Nursery monitor?

Answer: Yes, we have checked with them and it is! Great monitor!


Question: Does this work with the Withings Home, and if so, do you mount with or without its magnetic base?

Answer: Yes, VuSee will work with the Withings Home Monitor, you would mount it without the magnetic base. Should work out perfect for you! Of course if for any reason you are not satisfied we have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


Question: Is ibaby monitor compatible with vusee

Answer: Yes, VuSee will work with ibaby if you use screws to mount it to the wall. The 3M strips alone aren't enough to hold the ibaby monitor because of the weight and size of the camera. VuSee has screw holes in it that allow you to mount it with screws.


Question: Does this work with Dropcams/Nestcams?

Answer: Yes, this does work with dropcams and nestcmas very well.


Question: What kind of adhesive can be used for the monitor clip?

Answer: The adhesive we provide with the monitor clip is a command strip. As far as using another type of adhesive that would be up to you. We have only tested with the strips included with VuSee. You can purchase an adapter replacement kit. 


Question: Will it fit a Motorola baby monitor?

Answer: Yes, we have tested many Motorola cameras and haven't had any problems.


Question: Does this work with the angelcare camera?

Answer: Yes, we have had our Angelcare monitor up since March. Works great!


Question: is this compatible with levanna monitors?

Answer: Yes!


Question: We just purchased the Samsung Wisenet Baby Monitor, but did not realize the air sensor had to be plugged into the camera. Could both fit on shelf?

Answer: Hi, it looks like it might be a tight fit for both. You could get the bundle or buy two shelves to get both of them up there, mounted separately. I would give it a try and if it doesn't work you can return the product.


Question: Does this have to be mounted in a corner

Answer: Yes it does


Question: Does it stick on the painted wall?

Answer: Yes, I'm not sure if you know what the command hooks are but it has similar adhesive strips.




Question: Does it come with the cord

Answer: No, it is only the mount. you use the cord that came with your dot.


Question: Hows the quality when it comes to alexa listening to commands?

Answer: Very good!




Question: How is it removed?

Answer: You can peel it off easily. The double sided tape used is just like a 3M command strip but stronger so it can easily be removed. If you mount it in your refrigerator make sure to wipe down the surface first to ensure it adheres properly. If you have anymore questions you can email us at we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!