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4 Innovative Organization Products Will Make College Easier

Posted by David Adamson on

Dorm room organization is the first step to settling into college life. By now you’ve heard all of the hacks—loft your bed, download a dorm room checklist, create a unique desk space. Once you have mastered the dorm room organization piece, you can take on the rest of the semester with ease...but you’ll need a few products to help you get there. Here are 7 dorm room organization products that will make your life so much easier.

Innovative Organization Product #1: Power Perch

Need a place to charge your phone at night?  Looking for a perch for your electric toothbrush? Let’s face it, dorm rooms don’t offer a lot of counter space...that’s where the Power Perch can help. Create shelf space wherever you have an outlet and make dorm life easier. Shop here >>

Innovative Organization Product #2: Amazon Echo Dot Holder

Amazon Echo Dot Holder

The Amazon Echo is great for reordering those textbooks online or asking about the weather before getting dressed for class. Now, with our Echo Dot Holder, you have the perfect home for Alexa, too. Shop here >>

Innovative Organization Product #3: Sliding Greek Yogurt Organizer

Mini-fridges are essential in college—but wouldn’t it be nice if they were way more organized? Keep your Greek yogurts in check with this Sliding Greek Yogurt Organizer. Your roommate will never swipe another yogurt from you again (because you’ll always know how many you have). Shop here >>

Innovative Organization Product #4: K-Cup Wall Organizer

K-Cup Wall Organizer

When you’re up late studying for a midterm, you’re going to want a strong cup ‘o Joe. Having your K-Cups organized will help. Trust us. Shop here >>

Shop Storage Theory For Dorm Room Organization Products

Need more dorm room organization tips? Still wondering how to make use of your small space? Read our tips on home organization at our blog page and shop our home innovation products here. At Storage Theory, we believe that an organized living space makes for a happier you. Check us out today—and start living your life clutter-free! Shop now >>


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