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7 Easy Storage Ideas For Studio Apartments

Posted by David Adamson on

Living in a studio apartment presents an interesting challenge. You’re staring at four walls; it kind of feels like you’re back in your old college dorm. With very little storage space, you might feel like you’ll never get organized. That’s simply not true—here are 7 easy (and creative!) storage ideas for studio apartments to help you relax!

Studio Apartment

Split your studio apartment in two.

First things first—you need to give yourself defined spaces. You don’t have a designated living room or bedroom, but you can create your own. Split your studio apartment in two by ordering a large cube storage organizer. It will serve as a makeshift wall (and allow additional storage for books or other trinkets!).

Limit your color scheme.

In a regular apartment, you can mix up your style and color scheme based on the room. The same cannot be said for studio apartments. Stick to one color scheme and your space will not seem quite as cramped.

Create a welcoming entryway.

Add hooks to your entryway for accessible storage for coats and bags—this is a simple solution to not having a coat closet.  

Take advantage of under bed storage.

Many studio apartments lack adequate closet space (if they even have closets at all!). You’ll want to take advantage of every hiding spot. Maximize the space under your bed by storing out of season clothing and shoes in rolling storage boxes.

Make the most of vertical space.

You don’t have room to spread out in a studio apartment—build up. Add bookshelves to one wall to create vertical storage space, even in the kitchen!

Add storage furniture to the kitchen.

Usually, studio apartments do not require extra furniture. Still, the kitchen in a studio apartment can often benefit from additional storage space. Opt for a rolling island to place in your kitchen—you’ll have the extra shelving for pots and pans and additional cabinet space that can be rolled away when guests arrive.

Give everything a shelf.

The easiest storage idea for studio apartments? Use your walls. Giving every item in your home (even Alexa!) a shelf can help you save floor space and create a clean, cozy look.  

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