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Garage Organization Hacks To Keep You Sane

Posted by David Adamson on

For many homeowners, the garage is nothing more than a deep, dark abyss. It’s where junk disappears and where the Christmas decorations hibernate. But why? Why are you wasting so much usable storage space? Here, we’ll advise you on how to organize garage space efficiently—so you can finally feel sane!

Garage Organization

Garage Organization Hack #1: Use The Wall Space

When it comes to organizing the garage, the walls are your friends. Install holders and hooks along the wall to easily store large items like brooms, mops, and even bikes. Pegboards are also a great addition to garage walls. Installing a pegboard wall gives you a space to hang tools, toys, and anything else cluttering up the garage floor.

Garage Organization Hack #2: Create Hideaways

Want to create some hideaways in your open plan garage? Add cabinets to your space to eliminate clutter and create an appearance of a clean, orderly garage. Carpentry—not your forte? No worries, you could also add cube storage or an indoor/outdoor storage bench to create hideaways.

Garage Organization Hack #3: Store Above, Too

Don’t forget about the ceiling! In your garage, storing above can save you space, too. Just be smart about placement. The garage ceiling is a great spot for hanging long, flat stuff you don't use every day—think ladders and kayaks! Just be sure there is enough clearance to avoid scraping the top of your car.

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A messy garage can make you feel like pulling your hair out—and organizing a garage is not a feat for the weak. Once you accomplish a garage organization project, you can accomplish anything—trust us. While you’re on an organization roll, don’t stop with the garage. Read our tips on kitchen organization, bathroom organization, and more. At Storage Theory, we believe that an organized home makes for a happier you—and our innovative storage products are something to see. Check us out today—and start living your life more clutter-free.


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