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How to Organize the Coat Closet

Posted by Christine Young on

The coat closet gets a lot of use, all year long. The family often dumps their stuff in the closet when they get home. Tossing book bags, dirty shoes, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, jackets and winter wear into the closet keeps the clutter out of the entryway, foyer,  and living room, but then you end up with a closet that looks like this.

Storage and Organization Ideas For Your Coat Closet | Storage Theory

You have to step over clutter to get to your jacket. You can't find your favorite gloves. Your kids' soccer cleats are buried under a mess and you're already 10 minutes late for practice. Save yourself from a coat closet like this. 

Get that messy coat closet organized with these smart storage solutions!

1. The first thing you need to do is pull everything out of the closet so you can access the space and make a plan.

2. Now toss or donate anything you no longer wear or no longer need.

3. Decide what items you want to store in your coat closet? Common items are coats (duh!), winter wear (scarves, gloves, and hats), everyday shoes, bags, umbrellas, sports equipment, vacuum, mop, and broom.

4. Then start organizing from the bottom up.

Shoe Storage

Head to your local home improvement store or large retailer to pick up a shoe organizer shelf or cubby system. You don't need to splurge on an expensive unit. You just need some basic shelving to get all your shoes organized.

Another fun idea are these peg boards Sawdust Girl made for her coat closet. They keep your shoes off the floor to minimize dirt and grime on your floor.

During the winter months, place pebbles in a shallow bin and put your wet, snow covered boots on top of the pebbles. As they dry, the moisture will drain into the pebbles so your boots aren't sitting in a puddle and your floors stay dry.

Coat Storage

Maximize your storage space for coats by hanging a rod extension to create two-tiered hanging space. Hang the adult coats on the top and kid coats on the bottom rod. Make sure to leave some room in the closet for longer coats.

Remember coats can be heavy so invest in sturdy hangers to ensure coats stay on the hangers and don't end up on the floor. You'll need a few extra hangers for guest's coats.

Winter Wear Storage

Utilize the back of the door to organize your gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves. Me, Myself & DIY uses a cute magazine basket to store gloves, scarves, and hats. Each basket is labeled for a different family member so you know right where to find your winter wear.

Or attach a towel rod to the back of the door and use shower curtain rings or small clips to hang your scarves and hats.

You could also use multi-compartment hanging over-the-door organizer. Each compartment or pocket can hold a pair of gloves or a stocking cap.

Hooks & Knobs Storage

Attach hooks or knobs to the wall or the back of the door for added storage space. You can hang bags, scarves, coats, umbrellas and more.

Assign a hook or knob to each family member. When the kids get home from school they can hang their school bag and coat on their hook like they do at school. It's much easier for them to hang their items on a hook then it is to get their coat on a hanger. 

Paint drawer knobs different colors and attach them to the wall for a fun look. It will look nice and it will get kids excited to hang their stuff every day when they get home.

Bins & Basket Storage

Bins and baskets are prefect for organizing your mess. Label each bin for every member of the family so everybody can find their stuff quickly. Place bins and baskets on the top shelf to keep them out of the way. Or add a hanging shelf to the closet rod so the kids can reach their bin easily.

Bins and baskets are perfect for all kinds of storage needs. Toss your gloves, scarves, and hats into a basket. Bins are a great solution for storing your umbrellas. You can also have a basket for sports equipment and balls. And store your slippers in a basket so you can grab them after you take off your shoes.

Cleaning Tool Storage

If you store your mops, broom, and dust pan in the closet, purchase a wall-mounted mop and broom holder. This will give you several slots to hang your tools from, keep them organized so you can always find them, and keep them off the floor.

Tell us what storage solutions you use to keep your coat closet clutter-free.

Storage & organization can be tricky but it doesn't have to be with Storage Theory!

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