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10 Space-Saving Tips for Your Small Kitchen

Posted by David Adamson on

Struggling to fit all of your kitchen necessities in a tiny space? Looking for ways to declutter and organize your kitchen storage? Use these 10 space saving hacks to help you save on time, space, and money! 

1) Use a towel rack to hang pots and pans

towel hack

2) Organize your applesauce or baby food with a Food Pouch Organizer

Food Pouch Organizer


3) Use a shower rod to hang cleaning supplies under the sink

cleaning supplies under the sink

4) Get rid of all of those mismatched lids or plastic takeout utensils to clear space in your drawers 


5) Organize bulk items into jars or containers to display on your shelves 

Organize bulk items into jars

6) Use a Cafe Wall Caddy to organize your K-Cups that are just laying around

Cafe Wall Caddy

7) Keep utensils displayed on the countertop 


8) Hang measuring cups on the inside of your cabinets with hooks


9) Use the end of a garden rake to hang kitchen utensils 

kitchen utensils

10) Install a Power Perch to keep your electronics off the counter when charging

Power Perch


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