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12 Unusual Spring Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Posted by David Adamson on

The LAST thing I want to do this spring is to drop a sh*t ton of cash on cleaning products. This is why we have your back...because we understand your pain. So, save that fat tax return check for much more important things, like wine, and use products that you have laying around the house to get the necessary spring cleaning stuff over with


a woman cleaning a kitchen


1. Dust Your Vents With a Cloth Covered Knife

Air vents seem to have the thinnest slots, making them almost impossible to clean. Solution: wrap a thin cloth or paper towel around a knife and viola, you now have clean air! 


2. Clean The Toilet With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has seemed to become one of the most used "non-traditional" cleaning products, and for good reason! Let this soda sit in your toilet bowl for a couple hours to help get rid of stains and marks in your porcelain throne.


3. Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Ice Cubes and Rock Salt

This one is pretty self explanatory, just run some ice cubes and chunks of salt through your garbage disposal to cleanse it of...well garbage!


4. Remove Odors From Your Shoes With Baking Soda

This tip is definitely helpful for my stinky sneakers. Simply scoop a hefty amount of baking soda into your shoes and let it sit for about a day. Say goodbye to unwanted odors! 


5. Use Sticky Tack To Pick Up Pesky Shards of Broken Glass

Though this tip is very situational, I thought it would be helpful to know! Especially for someone like me who is prone to breaking things such as glassware.


6. Use Citrus Vinegar In Your Dishwasher

Fill a cup of citrus vinegar and place it in the top rack before you run your dishwasher to result in extra some sparkly dishes!

(P.S. it wont make the dishwasher smell like vinegar)


7. Use A Seam Ripper To Cut Through Vacuum Hair Buildup

I'm actually very surprised I have never thought of this one before. Vacuums build up hair SO easily. Instead of using a knife to cut the hair out and potentially hurting yourself severely, use a seam ripper instead, which is made for projects just like this!


8. Clean Windows With Newspapers

Window streaks can become a cleaning nightmare while using towels or rags. By using newspapers, it will help get rid of the oils on your windows and go streak free!


9. Get Rid Of Stains With Toothpaste

By using a small amount of toothpaste and a wet rag, stains on walls or even your shoes can be easily buffed out in seconds.


10. Lint Roll Your Drapes & Throw Pillows

Lint rollers aren't just for clothes. Give your fabrics a quick refresh by freeing them of unwanted dust and debris. 


11. Microwave a Cup of Vinegar To Help Lift Stains

All you need is a microwavable cup and some vinegar to make your microwave sparkle once again. I wouldn't recommend to microwave the vinegar any longer than 5 minutes though. 


12. Clean Dusty Ceiling Corners By Attaching a Towel To a Broom

Maybe this is just a #shortpersonproblem thing...maybe not. Either way, cobwebs and dust are not a good look anywhere in your home. Attach a towel to the end of a broom or even a long stick you might have laying around to reach those pesky ceiling corners.


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