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13 EASY Cleaning Tips For LAZY PEOPLE

Posted by David Adamson on

We could all use a few shortcuts when it comes to maintaining a tidy household...because honestlywho actually says that they love to clean?! Use these 13 "lazy people" proof tips to keep your home nice and clean...well at least as clean as it needs to be.

living room


TIP #1: Spray a no-wipe  cleaner on your shower walls every time you's a win win situation! 




TIP #2: Make a conscious effort to put something away every time you get up to go to a different part of your home.


TIP #3: Use Press 'N Seal wrap or contact paper to line the surfaces in your fridge so you can replace it when it gets dirty. 

an organized fridge


TIP #4: Use crock pot liners   before you cook anything in it, just throw the liner away when you are done for a no cleanup meal! 


TIP #5: Use a removable oven liner on the bottom rack to help catch spills or melty cheese that seems to always turn into cement. 

people cooking

TIP #6: Fill your blender with soapy water and turn it  on to blend for the simplest cleanup possible. 


TIP #7: Disinfect your kids plastic toys in the dishwasher, just make sure they aren't electric or powered by batteries...that would be bad. 


TIP #8: Use dryer sheets to clean your blinds in a jiffy.

TIP #9: Watch an episode of Hoarders to get some cleaning motivation


a chaotic room


TIP #10: Cook food in the oven, like pizza rolls, with tinfoil instead of a cookie sheet. When your done, just pitch the tinfoil!


TIP #11: Don't EVER wear dirty shoes in the house...this is going to save you so much time from having to meticulously clean the floors every.single.week.



TIP #12: Try to avoid buying white clothing, sheets or towels so you don't have to spend time bleaching and spot cleaning the inevitable food stains you are going to get on these items. 

TIP #13: Have an all-purpose cleaner handy so you don't make the excuse of "not having the right cleaning products" when you are really just too lazy to clean anything. 


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