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9+ Hipster Home Decor IDEAS

Posted by Erin Monahan on

So, you have decided you want to become one with the hipsters. The good news is, I've got you covered with the home decorating aspect of it. All you need to do now is grow yourself a mustache, throw on a beanie and talk about the environment any chance you get...and you are set! 

Enjoy these 9+ tips to inspire your inner interior designer. 

1) One Word: PLANTS. Adding any type of green living organism to your space is going to instantly make it look more alive...literally. I recommend succulents if you are really bad at taking care of things, like me. Plus the extra oxygen produced from having these green babies around is quite the added bonus. 



2) Turn a boring bare wall into a eclectic masterpiece without breaking the bank or taking up way too much of your time. Bold prints add visual interest to any wall in your home. My favorites types include quirky graphics, vintage posters and inspiring quotes.

Travel Photos


3) Spunky lighting has got to be one of my favorite trends in home decor. Just by switching out some lighting fixtures you can make a world's of a difference in your space. Hang a couple lightbulbs by a single cord or even get yourself some LED light bulbs to help the environment. Say hello ambiance. 

Light bulb


4) A simple way to add character to a space is to invest in an antique item or two. Things like typewriters, chests, film cameras or anything else unique you can find in a vintage shop is going to be the perfect conversation starter for your future guests.

 P. S. Grandma and Grandpa's old storage space might be your best bet



5) What is a hipster without a record player? Basically Santa without a sleigh. Record players are the perfect example of how old trends really do become new again. My recommendation though, get yourself a system with an aux cord so it doesn't become completely useless when they stop selling vinyls again. 



6) Printed rugs are a super easy way to add texture and interest to your floors. Try layering a couple different prints or textures to break up a space and make it look like you spent a lot more time decorating then you actually did. 

a comfy living room


7) This is the one time in your life that you're going to be asked to judge a book by its cover. Find some unique book covers at your local thrift store and start stacking! Bonus points if these are books you actually want to read. 

Books on a shelf

8) Give your expensive blankets a place to shine, prop a wooden ladder against the wall for a place to hang all your cozy throws. Having a readily available appliance to reach high places is also an added perk. 


9) Get yourself a bike, the more vintage and "unrideable" looking the better, prop it up against the wall...and that's it. Don't ask me why this is a thing, ask the hipsters. 

a bike in a room

10) Quirky coffee mugs + a french press + fresh roasted coffee beans = the ultimate hipster. Basically I'm trying to say, anything that revolves around coffee is going to instantly make you look cooler than you actually are. 

someone serving coffee



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