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17+ Things You Should DO Everyday To KEEP Your Life on TRACK

Posted by David Adamson on

Sometimes life just becomes way too overwhelming. Therefore you may start to fall off the tracks or break free of your daily routine. It's understandable, really. It happens to everyone. But, the consequences of life getting in the way can be detrimental to your overall health and well being. Use these 17+ tips to help you get YOUR LIFE back on track, or maybe even on a better track than before. 



You're probably sick of hearing people say this...because it is so important. Try carrying a reusable water bottle with you and refilling it a couple times a day, the more water the better the benefits!

a woman drinking water


TIP #2:  Take Each Day as a Fresh Start

This is a lot easier said than done, but it is a beneficial habit to start practicing. Try not to let your stresses and worries carry over into another day, it's just going to make your days progressively more stressful if you do so. 


TIP #3: Don't Go to The Grocery Store Hungry

Basically a no-brainer, but always a good reminder. Going to the grocery store hungry is not only going to make you spend more $$$ than necessary, it's going to incline you to purchase unhealthy foods. No beuno.

a supermarket


TIP #4: Eat Something Green Everyday

Even if it's a couple leaves of spinach thrown into your smoothie, hiding a little bit of greens into your meals is a great starting point for those who are state they are "allergic" to anything green. 



Life's best medicine...fresh air. Nuff' said. 

a traveler


TIP #6: Listen to Music

Music has the power to change your perspective and your overall mood so whether you like country, rock, indie, or screamo...never stop listening!


TIP #7: Don't Forget To Floss

Avoid being repeatedly embarrassed by the question "do you floss every day?" that you get asked twice a year by your just flossing every day. It's good for you, I swear.

a woman biting her tongue


TIP #8: Call Your Mom

Come on, just do it. 


TIP #9: Stop Hitting Snooze

Try setting ONE alarm tomorrow morning, and MAKE yourself get up at that time your alarm goes off. Since you have no other alarms set, you basically have no excuses to not get up. 



TIP #10: Make Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed in the morning can encourage you to be more productive throughout your day...and it only takes a minute so no excuses. 


TIP #11: Unsubscribe From Annoying Emails

If you are constantly cleaning out your inbox or have emails piling up, take a couple hours to do a deep clean. Try starting with unsubscribing from stores you haven't bought from in the last 6 months and go from there.

a man checking his emails


TIP #12: Try Going Out to Eat LESS

Once you realize how much money you save when you cook meals from home, this tip is a lot easier to accomplish. Try calculating how much it is to buy one week of groceries vs. going out to eat for a week....crazy huh?!


TIP #13: Donate Things You No Longer Need

It is such a refreshing feeling when you get rid of things you never use. Try going through a closet or two in your home and you will soon see exactly what I'm talking about!

a closet


TIP #14: Clean Your Bathroom

When has your bathroom ever NOT needed to be cleaned? The answer is hopefully never. Now go clean your toilets. 


TIP #15: Read More

Reading expands your knowledge immensely, which is sort of the opposite of what social media does. Spend an hour diving nose deep into a novel instead of scrolling through Instagram for the third time today. I promise, you won't regret it. 

a book chapter


TIP #16: Make a To-Do List

It is always nice to have a physical list of things you need to accomplish in a day, especially when you can cross them off when you're done. So satisfying


TIP #17: Make Time for Your Friends

In the midst of getting older, full time jobs and bigger responsibilities sometimes take priority in your life. And sometimes you forget who was there for you through it all. Take time out of your busy life to spend quality time with your friends, they will appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

friends laughing


TIP #18: Create Healthy Habits

Everyone's definition of a "healthy habit" is going to be a bit different, but i'm sure you get the point. Find something that is adding value to your life and stick to it man!


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