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7 Home Organization Bloggers You NEED To Be Following

Posted by Erin Monahan on

Sometimes it's hard to find blogs on the internet that will actually give you useful tips or ideas, luckily we're here to help you dig through the mess known as the "online world"! Discover new organization tips, decorating ideas and beautiful home inspiration with seven of our favorite home bloggers! We hope you can give these bloggers some love, because we totally think they deserve it. 

1. City Farmhouse

If you're looking for an all white aesthetic with lots of plants...this is going to be your go-to blog. Jen's Instagram is also a great page to look at for beautiful farmhouse inspiration...and she posts cute dog pics, so you really cant ask for much more. 

City Farmhouse



2. A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you're looking for someone who knows organizing (I mean, she has written two books about the topic), then Tomi's blog is a great resource. She has loads of free printables, budget ideas, and even fun challenges so you will never run out of content to read!

A Bowl Full of Lemons



3. House Beautiful

This site has an endless amount of intriguing blogs to read. From what the inside of Justin Timberlake's apartment looks like to articles titled "What the Color of Your Front Door Says About Your Personality", House Beautiful really has it all. 


House Beautiful



4. Apartment Therapy

This site is one of my personal favorites, from DIY to organizing and cleaning to real estate, you can learn a lot about homes and lifestyle just from this site alone. But my favorite part of the site definitely has to be the quirky decorating ideas, which is what really drew me to the page. 


Apartment Therapy



5. The Organized Home

If you are looking for clean cut photos and content, this is going to be the perfect site for you. Also once I read that there were blogs on this site about storage solutions for every room in the house, my inner organization freak got a little too excited.


The Organized Home



6. Poppytalk

What really drew me to this site, was their tab titled "Ikea Hacks". This was something I had never seen before so clearly I was very intrigued...let's just say it did not disappoint. These blogs actually got me excited to assemble Ikea furniture, and that almost never happens. 




7. iHeart Organizing 

Jen is a wonderful blogger if you are interested more in family life and mom boss life. She has a beautiful home and her site is filled with inspiration, so we definitely recommend. 

iHeart Organizing



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