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7 Things In Your Home That You Should Clean MORE Often

Posted by David Adamson on

I know what you're thinking... "Great, more things added to my list that I want to avoid cleaning!" Don't get us wrong, we don't want to add anything to our never ending cleaning lists either...but we promise these hacks will make a huge difference in your home in the long run. #TotallyWorthIt

1) Hand Towels:

Dish towels are deemed the most contaminated spot in the kitchen along with the hand towels in your bathroom. Towels should be washed every couple days, or even every day for maximized cleanliness! 

Hand Towels

2) Kitchen Counters: 

Think about ALL of the things you put onto your kitchen countertop; car keys, mail, purses, babies, etc. and now think about how many GERMS crawl all over these items. Use disinfectant wipes at least once or twice a day to avoid unnecessary bacteria lingering.  

3) Makeup Brushes:

Makeup can build up very quick in between the bristles of your makeup brushes, which can cause a multitude of issues. By cleaning your brushes with unscented soap every 1-2 weeks you can prevent acne, prolong the life of your brushes, and even have a smoother makeup application process. 

Makeup Brushes

4) Nightstand:

You may have not even thought about this one, but dust inevitably builds up all over your side tables. This means your alarm clocks, phones, and tissue boxes probably need a quick wipe down every couple days. Say sayonara unwanted microorganisms! 

5) Dish Sponge:

Sponge's have all kinds of unwanted bacteria and mold, therefore we recommend boiling or dishwashing your sponges every week and storing them somewhere where they won't collect as many germs...which is NOT at the bottom of your sink

Dish Sponge

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6) Remote Controls:

Sometimes its a chew toy, sometimes it's used to switch the channel, sometimes you can't find the damn thing anywhere...whatever the use for your TV remote is, it's a germ magnet. Invest in some disinfectant spray and you are set.

7) Your Bed:

I think this one is a bit self explanatory, but definitely a friendly reminderIt may be a small accomplishment in the morning, but it sets the tone for the day. Making your bed in the morning can encourage you to be more productive throughout your day. Plus- getting into a well made bed at night is a pretty damn good feeling.





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