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9+ Gadgets That Will Have You Wondering "HOW Did I Not Think of That?"

Posted by David Adamson on

After discovering these products, my life has become significantly less stressful. From clip on strainers to oven rack burn guards, this list has all of the products you didn't even know you needed. Now good luck trying not to spend all of your paycheck!


1) Hot Handle Holders

Odds are you have burnt yourself a time or two carrying that heavy pot of pasta from your burner over to the sink. These silicone hot handle holders can protect your hands while you carry those super steamin' pots or pans, just slip on the handle and viola, you're done! 


Hot Handle Holders



2) Silicone Wine Glasses

Any product that let's me drink wine anywhere I want is going to be my favorite product. Because these glasses are  essentially unbreakable and can easily compact, it makes them the perfect beverage holder for pool parties, camping, boating, and much more! 


Silicone Wine Glasses



3) Beer Savers

Sometimes your expensive craft beer just needs to be savored, with beer saver caps you can now save your brew for sipping without losing its carbonation! Just pop one of these babies on top for optimal freshness and you are good to go! 


Beer Savers



4) Collapsible Bucket

We all know large buckets take up a significant amount of storage in our garages, therefore the collapsible bucket was born! You can store this bucket practically anywhere and use it for practically anything. The bucket holds up to TWO gallons and adjusts to FOUR different heights for the perfect capacity every time. 

Collapsible Bucket

5) Almost Everything Opener

Say goodbye to endless frustration trying to open jars, bottles, and cans! Prevent aching hands and fingers with this multi-opener kitchen gadget set that will open almost any jar, can or bottle hassle free





6) Sponge Caddy

Keep your kitchen sink happy with this fun and useful sponge holder. Simply attach the holder to the sink using the durable suction cup and BOOM, your counter is clear of a damp sponge! 

Sponge Caddy


7) Ice Stick Trays

I'm going to be honest, I love a good ice cold bottle of water. Once I stumbled upon these flexible trays that create ice cube molds that fit perfectly into water bottles...I couldn't ask for much more.

Ice Stick Trays



8) Snap N' Strain

These are the type of products that make my life oh so much easier. Just snap this baby on the side of your pot and strain away! BONUS: These specially designed clips will fit nearly all round pots, pans and bowls big and small (yes, even the ones with a lip). 


Snap N' Strain



9) Oven Rack Guards

These nifty guards will help prevent those painful slip ups when reaching into your scorching hot oven. Just snap these on the edge of your oven rack and say goodbye to accidental oven burns! 

Oven Rack Guards


10) Power Perch

Create an extra shelf in seconds using your existing outlet cover! It works great as a charging shelf for mobile devices and can also hold a wide range of common household items including razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup, power tools, and car keys! Yay for optimizing storage!

Power Perch

11) Stretch Lids

Do you constantly struggle to find the matching lid to your tupperware containers? Well, struggle no more!! Purchase these silicone stretch lids that are compatible for almost any sized bowl or container, the largest size even expands up to 12 inches!


Stretch Lids




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