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9+ Useful TIPS to Create The IDEAL Rustic Farmhouse

Posted by David Adamson on

I think we can all agree that Chip & Joanna Gaines from "Fixer Upper" have absolutely mastered the "rustic chic" look that everyone seems to be going for these days. And after watching endless episodes of the show on HGTV, I have fallen in love with the farmhouse look. It is the perfect mixture of a country vintage & modern chic, and is totally achievable for your home to have this look. With just a bit of white paint, some shiplap and a vintage barn door (if you are feeling extra), your home is going to look just as good, if not better, than anything Joanna Gaines has touched.

Ideal rustic farmhouse


Tip #1: Paint Everything White (Off-White Works Too)

We aren't joking with this one. Having light colors painted on the walls and furniture sets the tone for the farmhouse look. Since the idea is to make your home look natural & rustic, the colors white, beige and light grey are going to be your best friend.


Tip #2: Get Rid of Anything Bright or Flashy

The whole idea of the farmhouse is to keep a neutral tone, so when you have bright or flashy items laying around your home, it doesn't quite add to the aesthetic (for lack of a better term). Try to limit the amount of items that have a lot of bright colors on them if you want your entire home to have a coherent theme. 


Tip #3: Incorporate Dimension + Texture

If you want to go all in, I definitely recommend investing in some shiplap. Adding some texture and dimension to accent walls in your home will really make a difference. If you don't want to spend the big bucks for shiplap, stick to hanging up some large wooden planks to create a similar feel. 

Ideal rustic farmhouse


Tip #4: Mix Old + New Elements

By mixing vintage items with something modern, you are creating a timeless look that still looks up to date. Filling old wooden crates with plants & greenery is a great way to accomplish this look


Tip #5: Use Wire Baskets....Everywhere

For an instant farmhouse transformation, use wire baskets as much as you can, seriously. Hang them, fill them, use them as center can use them for whatever your heart desires. 

Wire Basket


Tip #6: Incorporate Wood

Adding wood in various forms is going to add to that rustic look that you are going for. I much more "natural" can you get? Try finding some wooden signs, wooden candle sticks, wooden kitchen utensils, wooden sofas...okay the last one was a joke. 


Tip #7: Add Some Distressed Pieces

Barn doors, vintage signs, antique washboards...these are all going to add so much character to your home and will most definitely add to the rustic feel. I recommend hitting up some thrift stores and antique stores to score one of these items. 

Distressed Pieces


Tip #8: Make it Feel Cozy

With all of the neutral colors going on, it is very easy to make your home look cold and uninviting. Don't forget to add lots of blankets, pillows, and (obvi) plants to make your place look and feel a lot more comfortable. 


Tip #9: Make Lots of Signs

Signs have kind of been the signature look for the typical farmhouse. Signs that focus on themes such as family, blessings, or gathering are the most common, especially when painted with white lettering on wooden palettes. 


Tip #10: It's The Little Details

Want the easiest & cheapest way to achieve the farmhouse look? Just throw some organic cotton in a vase, use mason jars for everything, and add chalkboards on your a lot of your walls....honestly, this is just what Joanna does so i'm not going to question it. 

add little details


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