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Advice You MUST Listen To Before Moving Into Your FIRST Home

Posted by David Adamson on

Possibly the most exciting and stressful time of your life is when it's time to settle down, start a family and move into a brand new home -well at least brand new to you. Along with moving into a new home comes a lot of responsibility, a lot of decision making, and a lot of sacrifices. Luckily, we have your back on the decision making part. Here we present to you a list of 11 tips & pieces of advice that I know my fellow homeowners could have found useful before they moved into their first homes.  


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#1 - Make SURE to Hire a Legitimate Moving Company

While yes, Johnny's Moving Express that has no customer reviews on Google is WAY cheaper than any other option...but you never really know what you're going to get with movers like these. And you especially don't want anyone who is going to be careless when moving things like your antique chest from Great Grandma Mary. Just be sure to do your homework and choose a mover that is licensed, insured and trustworthy. 


#2 - Have An Idea of Where Your Furniture Will Be Placed

With that said, there's nothing worse that hiring a moving company to carry in all of your furnishings to have them place it all in one big pile. Try to have a blueprint of your home with interior measurements so you'll at least have an idea where things can or will be placed. 


#3 - Don't Forget To Notify Your Utility Service Providers

A few weeks prior to moving, it would be a good idea to notify your utility providers that you will be leaving. This is also the time to pay any overdue bills and schedule when you would like to cancel your gas and electric. 


#4 - Labeling Everything is Never a Bad Idea

Nothing is worse than packing all of your specific kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom items away safe and sound...then realizing while you're unpacking you have no idea where anything is. I highly suggest labeling boxes as specific as possible, especially for your fragile items.


#5 - Start Researching For New Healthcare Providers

Of course, this one only applies if you are moving to a different city. Nevertheless, if you are moving somewhere relatively nearby, we suggest asking your current physicians if they have any recommendations for a new family doctor. Or you could even post on a local Facebook page, never hurts to ask.  


#6 - Pack an "Essentials" Bag Before You Move

This goes along with the whole "labeling everything is not a bad idea" tip. Because...can you imagine finally unloading all of your boxes into your brand new home, but having no idea where your toothbrush is? Yikes! Be sure to pack a box full of essentials such as a change of clothes, medications, toiletries, food staples and chargers - also make sure not to forget about your furry friend's essentials too!


#7 - Notify Friends & Family About The Big Move

Though in the social media age these days I probably don't need to remind you to post on Facebook about your big move...but I thought it was a good reminder to notify family or friends that might not have a Facebook account that your address will be permanently changing.


#8 - Set Up The Internet Provider BEFORE You Move In

Living in a new home is great and all, but in this day and age going days or even weeks without internet could turn into a slight disaster, especially for the ones who work from home. Make sure to book an internet service provider a couple weeks before the big move day, so you don't add any possibilities to have a moving day disaster.


#9 - Change The Locks In Your NEW Home 

This may sound a bit "extra precautionary" but, if you think about it you really don't know how many sets of keys to your home that are floating around. Give yourself some peace of mind and hire a locksmith to have a new set of keys/locks made. 


#10 - Ask The Previous Owners When Things Were Last Changed

Though the previous owners may not remember when everything was last switched out in their home, it might be nice to try and ask. Don't forget to mention things like when air filters were last replaced, when water softeners were last replenished with salt, and when faucets and shower heads were last replaced.


#11 - Last, But Not Least, Don't Forget to Change Your Address

You may be surprised by the amount of people who actually forget to complete this step. Amidst all of the chaos that comes along with moving homes, sometimes it just slips people's minds. This is why we are here to remind you - change your billing addresses & shipping addresses immediately.



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