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GIVEAWAY! Win an Amazon Echo Dot + an Echo Dot Holder with Cord Wrap

Posted by David Adamson on

We are in the midst of GIVEAWAY over on our Facebook page where you could WIN an Amazon Echo Dot plus one of our new Echo Dot Holders with cord wrap. All you have to do to enter is LIKE the Storage Theory Facebook page, COMMENT with a question you'd ask Alexa (the funnier the better), and SHARE the post.

Enter to WIN an Amazon Echo Dot + a Storage Theory Echo Dot Holder with Cord Wrap | Storage Theory

If you are struggling to come up with a creative question to ask Alexa, don't worry. We have you covered. We've gathered some creative questions that are sure to get Alexa's robot laugh rolling (and likely bring a smile to you face too).

First, start each morning with, "Alexa, Good Morning."  Some days she'll give you a little fact about the day. Sometimes she'll tell you about This Day in History. Other days she'll tell you a joke. And occasionally you'll get her to sing for you.

Here is a list of our favorite questions and commands for Alexa. Spend time with Alexa and get ready to laugh.

Alexa, what's the mass of the sun in grams?

Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?

Alexa, are you a robot?

Alexa, can you rap?

Alexa, can you beatbox?

Alexa, can you sing?

Alexa, sing me a song.

Alexa, tell me a joke.

Alexa, tell me a dirty joke.

Alexa, what's the first rule of fight club?

Alexa, what's the second rule of fight club?

Alexa, what's the third rule of fight club?

Alexa, keep calm and carry on.

Alexa, talk like yoda.

Alexa, what is the value of pi?

Alexa, more cowbell.

Alexa, find Chuck Norris.

Alexa, sneeze.

Alexa, never going to give you up, never going to let you down.

Alexa, I am your father.

Alexa, use the force.

Alexa, who you gonna call?

Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.

Alexa, surely you can't be serious.

Alexa, tea, Earl Grey. Hot.

Alexa, I want the truth.

Alexa, what is your quest?

Alexa, let's play global thermonuclear war.

Alexa, beam me up.

Alexa, close the pod bay doors.

Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start.

Alexa, do you know Hal?

Alexa, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Alexa, who loves ya baby!

Alexa, what happens if you cross the streams?

Alexa, define rock paper scissors lizard spock.

Alexa, show me the money!

Alexa, party on, Wayne.

Alexa, where's the beef?

Alexa, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Alexa, I'll be back.

Alexa, do you want to build a snowman?

Alexa, do you feel lucky punk?

Alexa, set lasers to kill.

Alexa, what is the loneliest number?

Alexa, how much is that doggie in the window?

Alexa, why do birds suddenly appear?

Alexa, I like big butts.

Alexa, see you later alligator.

Alexa, meow.

Alexa, this statement is false.

Alexa, say a bad word.

Alexa, ha ha.

What questions do you ask Alexa that get her funny bone shaking?

Don't forget to head to Facebook to enter to WIN the Amazon Echo Dot and Holder and check out the Storage Theory website to purchase an Echo Dot Holder with cord wrap to keep your Echo Dot snug and secure and free up counter space!

Storage & organization can be tricky but it doesn't have to be with Storage Theory!

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