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How to Keep Your Storage Spaces Organized

Posted by David Adamson on

Storage and organization doesn't have to be hard. It just takes a little planning to get started and stay organized.

Let's look at your storage spaces to get them organized.

1. Determine what storage spaces you have.
2. How does each space function?
3. What items need be stored?
4. Do you need additional storage and organization solutions?

Take a walk through your house and any of these storage options you have just discovered. Is there usable space in your attic? Crawl Space or Basement? How about a shed in the back yard? Is there space in the garage? Do you have shelves or built-in cabinets that have room? Maybe even a tall bookcase or an old trunk you aren't utilizing. 

Large living room and dining room that is well organized

Now, figure out what items you still need to store and organize. We all typically utilize storage spaces for things we don't need every day or items that are so large that can't be kept in an average room; such as gardening equipment, your vacuum, decorations for every changing season, clothes that nobody wears anymore, and even camping gear. You may also have items that need special storing such as inventory or product for your business.

Create a list of all items that need to be stored. Write each of those items down on one side of your paper. On the other side write down all of your storage spaces. Now treat it like a matching game by drawing lines from "Storage Area" to "What Needs Stored." Keep in mind the area and environment of each storage area (ex. attics can get very hot and basements can get cold/damp). This matching chart should address the big categories of things you have, as well as those knick-knacks that don't seem to fit in any category.

Once you've matched everything on paper, start putting items in their place. You'll quickly have a storage spot for everything and you're home will be organized!


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