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How to Organize Your Home Quickly

Posted by David Adamson on

Major home organization projects seem to take forever to complete. Knowing that you have so much to organize can be overwhelming and zap your motivation—we get that. That’s why we’re here to give advice on how to purge clutter fast and organize your home’s main spaces in record time.

Wonder the best solution to cutting clutter? Skip the day-long fall and spring clean out. Instead, schedule small daily tasks. Pick one room per day. Follow these quick and easy solutions for every spot in your home—and avoid marathon sorting and overwhelming piles of clothing for good.

Organizing a house

Bathroom: Hang bath towels after use

Daily showers and a lack of tidiness can be cause for frustration (and disorganization!) in the bathroom. Bathrooms are often pretty small spaces—and an overflowing towel basket isn’t ideal. Create a house rule that all relatively clean towels be neatly hung on the towel racks—and all others relocate to the laundry room basket (out of guest’s sight!).

Kitchen: Always put away the dishes

Want a more organized kitchen space? Don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink. It’s amazing how a family-sized kitchen can feel incredibly small when plates start piling up. Rinsing and putting away plates after meals can help eliminate the crazy kitchen clutter. Same goes for midnight snacks—always put them back in the cabinets after eating!

Living Room: Add a blanket basket

Living room blankets are comfy for nights spent watching a movie—but when spread across the room, they can make a living space seem unkempt. Folding takes time, but a blanket basket? It’s the perfect solution. Throw your blankets in the wicker basket after use; it’ll look like a decoration (but it’s really just a place to hide extra clutter...which is totally OK!)

Bedroom: Make your bed

You’re probably not shocked to discover that a made bed can completely transform a room from messy to organized in a snap. Make it a habit to make your bed every morning—you’ll soon find that you’re starting your day with much less stress.

Entryway: Don’t leave your shoes by the door

Some people love to take their shoes off at the door; others, not so much. If you’re wondering how to purge clutter from your guest spaces, start with the entryway. Remove your shoes and take them somewhere else—the laundry room, the upstairs closet, or the bedroom. It’s one simple routine change that can make your entryway clutter-free—fast!

Den: Opt for a catch-all bin

Everyone has a room that feels lived in—and it’s usually the playroom, bonus room, or den. If you have one of these spaces, simply add a decorative catch-all. When you’re not using an item that belongs in the room (that doesn’t match or feels like clutter) toss it in the catch-all bin. Decorative laundry baskets or storage ottomans are ideal.

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