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I'm guilty of this huge parent no-no!

Posted by David Adamson on

Baby Safety is key. For new parents there are a lot of items to prepare for when getting the baby's room ready. Set up the crib, wash the sheets, stock the changing table... and set up the Baby Monitor Camera.

Hm. Where should I put the Baby Monitor Camera...this looks like a great spot...As new mom ready to take on the world and be the best mama bear for my little cub. I sat the baby monitor camera on the side of the crib! The tag says NO, the box says NO, and since no instagram mommy blogger didn't tell me at that time, (sigh) I lost sight of safety and placed it there because it seemed to make the most sense. Now I'm certainly no genius here, but me missing this huge risk makes me feel that MANY other parents do as well. 

A mom with her baby

Fast forward 4 months... I was doing some research on a company in Cedar Rapids that could make ideas become real. I had a few ideas I wanted to run past them and see if any of mine were cost effective to get a mold etc. Upon my chat, with Ethan, the Vice President of the company -- He had told me about some of their products they make in-house to see the caliber of what they can make etc. I was searching through their product list and BAM! A baby monitor mount. At first look I had no idea what it was, but as I clicked, and heart SANK! Strangulation could have been moments away for my new baby boy. This product is genius and needs to be known for all new parents and even those with toddlers!

That product: VuSee Anywhere (also VuSee Flat & VuSee Corner - all great options!) The Universal baby monitor mount provides safety keeping your monitor cord away from babies crib, while also providing an amazing birds eye view of your little one. 


The company behind VuSee is Storage Theory. Gerald, the owner developed the product a few years back for when his son was born.  Gerald's daddy duty for the room was to set up the monitor camera. When discovering the warning labels (unlike ME!) he thought there has to be a simpler way. After a little research, it turned out that there wasn't. So as any engineer would do, Gerald designed and 3D printed his own. And the rest is history. 

This blog isn't about who, what, when or where. It's about the why. WHY would you need this? WHY would you purchase this? WHY would you travel with it? WHY would you install it? 

ANSWER: SAFETY!!! Safety in keeping the cord away from the babies crib all while getting an excellent birds eye view.  

Installing Camera (Wrong Way)

 best baby monitor shelf mount safety cord

I immediately installed my VuSee Anywhere. I set my heart free of any worry. I highly recommend you do so too. Even if you're a dresser camera setter -- this view beats them all!

Many parents might not be aware of this safety hazard (cough ME) and so many parents might think it won't happen to me or maybe a parent thinks oh, our baby is so tiny there is no way they can pull this down or bump the crib enough to have the cord fall in. I will forever hope it NEVER ever does , but please don't take the chances! For under $15 you can take the safe route with VuSee.

I've done some research with the latest monitors and all of them have spectacular features, some have better apps, better quality, etc., but 9/10 don't have a non-hardware, easy install solution for the monitor camera. There is the claw & wrap approach, or the crib stick... but the matter of the fact remains -- that camera is still in the fall zone of babies crib. The cord could still wind up in the crib, or the camera may even fall and crash onto baby's head.  With VuSee you place it on the wall, with a peel and stick command strip.. Nothing hangs or attaches to the crib whatsoever. Simple & Safe.

Now that you're certain you need the VuSee product. Which one is your best fit?  Check out these short Unboxing Demo Reels to find out! 

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VuSee Flat
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