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VIDEO: Life Hack - Get that Suction Cup to Stick to your Stainless Steel Sink!

Posted by David Adamson on

Stainless steel isn't as smooth as you might think! To get the best tight suction, you need to fill in the 'blemishes' with petroleum jelly to create a vacuum like seal. Our Sponge Caddy is a great great product! Just like any other suction cup you purchase, stainless sinks are 100% a hit or miss on it sticking for the long-haul. Here are some easy steps to make sure your suction cup sticks to your stainless steel sink. 

1. Clean your stainless steel sink with hot soapy water

2. Completely dry your stainless steel sink before you stick your suction cup

3. Once your stainless steel sink is dry, you want to rub a light dollop of petroleum Jelly to the back 'inside' of your suction cup. 

4. Apply and Secure your suction cup on your stainless steel sink


This is no guarantee, but is sure does help... A LOT! 


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