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4 Tips for Better Office Lighting to Increase Productivity

Posted by David Adamson on

Is the lighting in your office helping or hindering your productivity?

If you're one of those cubicle cavemen, there may not be much you can do about your flickering fluorescent lighting. However, if you're in a small office or work from home for at least some of the time, investing in a smart lighting solution (like a Smart LED Light Bulb) can make your working situation that much more enjoyable and even help reduce eyestrain and headaches. 

Utilize proper lighting to be more productive in your home office | Storage Theory

Here are four more tips to help you get the best lighting possible while you work:

1. Think about your decor. 

Position your desk and chair so you can place your laptop in a spot with little to no glare. If you're able, paint your walls a bright or light color to really help energize your work space, as well as, maximize your natural lighting. 

2. Find a well lit spot for your office. 

Make sure your office has a lot of natural lighting. The basement may not have big enough windows to allow enough light so try to move into the spare bedroom or carve out a little nook in your bedroom or kitchen, right by the window.

3. When possible use indirect lighting.

Direct lighting (like those fluorescent monsters above your work desk) actually increase eye strain and in turn lower productivity. Hide those fluorescent lights and use softer options instead. 

4. Get better coverage by spacing your light fixtures.

Don't just accept that your lighting is bad in your office. Instead find ways to make sure there's no dead or shadow areas. Try to really fill your office or room with the light to help ensure a more productive works pace.


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