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The Beginners Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Home

Posted by David Adamson on

Whether you are a brand new homeowner, have never cleaned a thing in your life, or you're right in the middle...we want to help you. We understand that cleaning your entire home from top to bottom can be a daunting task & it may even take an entire weekend to do so (yes- even with the help of your children), but we promise that it is going to be worth it. Because there is truly nothing as great as a clean and tidy home. Use these 7 tips that will help you kickstart your spring cleaning extravaganza, and you will be channeling your inner cinderella in no time. 


Cinderella cleaning the house

1. Purchase The Right Cleaning Products

Though an all purpose cleaner is convenient and saves you a lot of $$$, sometimes it just doesn't do the job. We suggest to pinpoint the areas in your home that need the most TLC, and purchase cleaning products accordingly. Trust us. 


2. Replace Your Linens

This is one of those game changing tips for transforming your home in the spring. All you have to do is change out those dark & heavy curtains, sheets and blankets for lighter fabrics. This will instantly brighten up your home and make it look cleaner with minimal effort. You're welcome. 


3. Don't Avoid The Difficult Places

We know, we out the refrigerator, wiping down the ceilings, picking the weeds out of your landscaping...they are all a pain in the ass, but they have to be done. Give yourself a sense of accomplishment by cleaning the places you have been avoiding for months. You will thank us later. 


4. Eliminate Pet Odors 

You may be "nose blind" to the smells that you have adapted to in your home. This may include things such as pet odors, mustiness, refrigerator grime, or smelly bedding. The first step is to become aware of the smells your home may be permeating, and taking action from there. We suggest sprinkling baking soda on any affected areas, works like a charm. 


5. Dust Before Anything Else

The biggest mistake you can make when deep cleaning your home is forgetting to dust before anything else. Dusting causes the dirt particles to get in the air and fall all over the floor, which could instantly ruin your beautiful vacuuming and mop job. So don't forget.  


6. Don't Forget The Ceiling Fan

Things such as light fixtures, tv remotes, picture frames and ceiling fan blades can collect a lot of dust and most homeowners don't even realize, until they invite visitors over that like to nit-pick at least. Before finishing your dusting rounds, just make sure to do a double check that you didn't miss any spots that your mother-in-law will be sure to point out. 


7. Update Your Lightbulbs

Along with replacing the linens, another simple way to instantly brighten up a room is to change out the lightbulbs in your home. A room lit with low-wattage bulbs can look dark and dingy. Replace them with lightbulbs labeled with the description "daylight", they mimic natural light and can really make a difference in a room. 


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  • Dirt and dust accrue in the oddest places. Even if you’re keeping up with everyday chores, every home occasionally needs a little cleaning.We have to do regular house cleaning and for that we have buy right cleaning products.

    juhi on

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