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11 SPECTACULAR Ways to Re-Organize YOUR Life

Posted by David Adamson on

I think we could all use a little bit more organization in our lives since the benefits of having an organized life are endless. Use these 11 tips to create more space in your life for the things you love, and less space for the things you don't. 

a comfy home

Tip #1: Plan an Event at Your Home

Most people get nervous about their friends and family coming to visit a messy home. By planning an event hosted in your own home, it is going to kick your butt in high gear to get your home clean and organized before anyone will ever see those disgusting ceiling stains - how did those even get there in the first place?!


Tip #2: Organize With Color/Patterns

The trick is to use a different color or pattern bin for each type of item that is stored in the bin. Whether this is used in your home office or your kids playroom, this simple idea is going to help out a ton when trying to keep your home organized. 


Tip #3: Download an Organization App

Since our phones have basically taken over our lives, why not have an app that at least organizes it? Schedule appointments, meetings, deadlines and so much more with apps like Google Calendar or Todoist to keep your life on track. 

a woman using her phone


Tip #4: Remind Yourself: You Probably Need to Declutter

Come to terms with probably need to declutter. You may think you don't have anything you need to get rid of, but believe me, you probably do. Simply go around your house and fill ONE trash bag of things that do not bring you joy, and repeat every time you feel overwhelmed with STUFF.


Tip #5: File, Don't Pile

Paperwork is always better stored in files opposed to in piles. If you have a lot of important documents, please invest into a lockable file wont regret it.



This tip is another option when it comes to storing important documents or photos. I suggest scanning all the papers or photos your heart desires, then storing them in an external hard drive that you can keep in a locked safe. The reason why I say an external hard drive is because your computer can easily crash and lose all of those precious baby photos or even worse...your taxes. 


Tip #7: Utilize Vertical Storage In Your Home

If you do not have a lot of room to work with, learn how to be innovative with vertical space. Hang shelves from the wall or hang things from the ceiling to optimize all of the storage space you can. 

Vertical Storage


Tip #8: Label EVERYTHING

Get yourself some masking tape, a marker, and an extra 5 seconds..and you have this step accomplished. Labeling is one of the simplest but most effective way of organizing your stuff. This is going to help you go from hours of searching for a specific item you put in storage, to seconds. 


Tip #9: Stay on Top of Your Closet

We all know that your closet is the hardest thing to keep organized. Clothes are constantly being moved in and out and truthfully we all get lazy's understandable. We recommend spending 10 minutes a week going through your closet to get rid of items or to reorganize so the clutter doesn't pile up.  


Tip #10: There Should Be a Place For Everything

To stay organized anywhere, be mindful of everything you bring in through your front door. Everything needs its own home – don’t bring it in unless you know exactly where it’s going to live.

Bathroom Towel Storage


Tip #11: Use Packing Cubes

The best way to keep your suitcase organized: packing cubes. These babies are perfect for separating items of clothing. Give each cube it's designated clothing item like "shirts" for easy access and a LOT less clutter. 



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