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This $10 Product is a SERIOUS Game Changer | Storage Theory

Posted by Erin Monahan on

Do you ever discover a product that makes your life SO much easier that you HAVE TO share it with EVERYONE? That is how we feel about the Power Perch...ok ok it's our own product...but we truly do believe in it. The Power Perch is SO versatile, it can be used anywhere in your home where there is an outlet to add some extra shelf awesome is that? Check out some ideas below on how to make your life easier with the Power Perch.


You can use the Power Perch to watch recipe videos on your phone while you prepare and cook in the kitchen!


You can use the Power Perch to display plants or other cute knick knacks.


Keep your phone safe from accidental spills when it's charging by setting it on the Power Perch. This is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or even your bedroom!


Here is another cute way to display your plants and succulents with the Power Perch!


Use the Power Perch to hold and display your Amazon Echo or any other home intelligence system like the Google Home.


Optimize the storage space in your bathroom by storing your razors, toothbrushes, or beauty products on the Power Perch.


Or just add the Power Perch shelf in the bathroom so you can display something cute, like a succulent!


No matter how or where you use the Power Perch, there is no denying that there are a multitude of uses for this little shelf.

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