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Have you ever purchased an item then soon realize that you CAN'T believe you were living your life WITHOUT this product before? This is how our team at Storage Theory feels about the Cafe Wall Caddy and the Sponge Caddy. With both of these space saving products being useful AND under $9.99, there should be no excuse for having kitchen clutter again...seriously. 
First of all, k-cups can take up a significant amount of counter space...especially when you are one of those people who like having their variety of coffee, teas, ciders, etc. to choose from (you know who you are). Fret not, you can now clear up that precious counter space with our Cafe Wall Caddy! Simply attach it behind your outlet cover and say hello to more counter space, you're welcome. 
Cafe Wall Caddy (Before)
Cafe Wall Caddy (After)


Keep your kitchen sink clutter FREE with our super simple smiley sponge suction-cup holder (whew, say that five times fast). Just attach your Smiley Sponge* and viola, you are set!! Where is a "that was easy" button when you need it?!

kitchen sink (before)
kitchen sink (after)

*This product is not affiliated with or licensed by Scrub Daddy, Inc


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