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Vikings Game Weekend Getaway

Posted by David Adamson on

The mention of a Vikings game has been placed. 

The chatting with spouses had begun. 

The date was set.

Everyone can attend.

Tickets were purchased...


Huge thank you to The Walters and Chase Plastics for an amazing Vikings Game experience! For many of us, it was our first game! AND THE VIKINGS WON!! 

Friday • October 8, 2021 • 2pm
The LandJet has...landed! Dave, our pilot settled us in for a relaxing drive up to Minneapolis! We played catch phrase, 99, many card game from back-in-the-day and we may or may not have had to stop to use the facilities umpteen times...but HEY it's the weekend, baby! Once we got to our awesome AirBNB in Uptown, we got an Uber to go eat at Urban Eatery -- and amazing fresh supper. To cap off the night, we snuggled in and watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.. well most of us did. 

Saturday • October 9, 2021 
We started the day of with a nice stroll in our neighborhood that landed us to a recommended breakfast place, French Meadow Cafe & Bluestem Bar. We won't mention how much mimosas were per ounce or how whiskey wasn't the best decision before 10am, but their food was AMAZING!! 
For Lunch: Fire and Nice pizza! And since it was a brewery, you 'bout knew we'd have to walk to pick up the pizza so we could sample some of the brew! Amazing woodfire pizza, and delicious beers all around.  

For afternoon fun, Randi, Geralds wife, booked us a fun Game experience at Game Show Battle Rooms! They had spin-off's of some of the popular game shows. Not sure if I should say the team name...but the ladies team did take home the GOLD! haha
game show battle room
We then hit up the LOOP (IOWA Bar) for the game and as soon as we walked in, interception!!! SO SO wild in there! Unfortunately, we were too late to snag a table -- we hopped around a bit and found some good food and drinks in the area.  

For supper we went to Lago Taco, a place we were able to walk to! Can you tell we like our food? haha From an array of quesadillas, margs, tacos and bowls we were set to call it a night... well not until Ethan got his Waffle Dessert from Waffle Bar (that I believe Zach and Gerald took care of). HA.

Sunday • October 10, 2021
Rise and GRIND! IT'S GAME DAY!! We got down to tailgating around 10:30AM and met The Walters! Live Music, bags, watching the drums, the horn, kick-off, cheese curds, stadium noise ALL OF IT -- was SO AMAZING! Can't thank The Walters & Chase Plastics enough. 
And that's a wrap -- Back on the LandJet for a relaxing ride home with our Pilot Todd. The weekend definitely marked a top 3 in my book! Cheers!

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OH! How could I forget to post our theme song from the weekend!? Maybe even for Storage Theory life! Hahaharawrrahaha. 


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