Food Pouch Slider (3 Pack)

Storage Theory

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Food Pouches... Food Pouches Everywhere!

The little one has been on a 6-hour crying rampage, you reach into the cupboard and into the plethora of boxes of food pouches and apple sauce pouches and guest what? You can’t find it… the one that the little one specifically wants…. avoid this scenario with this innovative product!

  • Keeps pouches organized and easy to view! Because they’ll want the “red one” instead of the one you just grabbed them
  • Peel n Stick installation means you don’t need tools; less fuss on your end!
  • Perfect for reaching into your fridge/cabinet with one hand and while you’re holding your little one like a football
  • Holds 6 pouches per holder; 3 holders provided (18 pouch capacity!)