Hold & Go Slow Cooker - 5 Quart

Storage Theory

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Potlucks, tailgating, holiday parties, summer BBQs, busy nights...the Hold & Go Slow Cooker has you covered! As seen on Rachael Ray, this slow cooker/crock pot is perfect for meals on the go. Rachael calls it, "the coolest one I've ever seen in my life." The handle acts as a space saving lid holder, freeing up counter space and sending drippings back into the crock pot to reduce mess. The handle also locks into place so you can safely carry your slow cooker to your destination. NO SPILLS!
  • ONE HANDED CARRY: Safely and conveniently carry your Hold and Go Slow Cooker to tail gates and parties using just one hand. Frees up the other hand to open doors/trunks or carry additional items. Worried about heavy loads? The reinforced handle has been tested to hold up to 60 lbs!
  • SPILL PROOF: Reinforced handle doubles as a locking mechanism, preventing spills during transit. No more messes in the car!
  • SPACE SAVING LID HOLDER: There is NEVER room to set down the lid. Set the lid on the handle and free up all the table space! And you don't have to pay for a lid-holding accessory...it's built right in!
  • NO MORE DRIPPING: Not only does the handle create a spill proof seal and free up table space, it also catches the condensation dripping from the lid and funnels it back into the pot.
  • RELIABLE AND EVEN COOKING: 5 Qt. capacity portable slow cooker allows for low, medium, high cooking levels.