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11 Home Organization Products To Change Your Life

Posted by David Adamson on

11 Home Organization Products To Change Your Life

Effective home organization is not a one-and-done weekend job. If you choose to look at home organization as a “Sunday cleaning”, you’ll quickly delve into chaos once again. Every week you’ll be forced to repeat the “organization” cycle. When you corral your clutter, you can take control of your life. Organizing your stuff and keeping it tidy has become an industry—and thankfully so. Now, you can purchase home organization products to make keeping tidy a breeze. Here are 11 home organization products that will make your life a piece of cake.

Best Home Organization Products To Help You Stay Tidy

Looking to keep your home tidy year-round? Choose from these fun, innovative home organization products and keep your home clean and structured.

Greek Yogurt Organizer

Greek yogurt storage

No one wants to see their Greek Yogurt topple to the floor—and you don’t want to deal with the messy clean-up of a yogurt spill. Keep your yogurt safe (and your kitchen clean!) with this Greek Yogurt Organizer. Holds up to 4 Greek Yogurt containers—shop here.

Cable Organizer

cable organization

Organize your desk, bedside table, or wherever you charge your devices with this handy cable management system. Named one of the top home organization products, this space-saving, eco-friendly cable organizer will help you keep up with your cords and avoid tangles. Shop here.

Outlet Power Perch

power perch

Have you ever been annoyed by your lack of counter space in the bathroom? Have an electric razor but no place to set it? Wish your electric toothbrush had a home? Create instant shelf space for your electronics (or whatever!) with this damage-free Outlet Power shelf—shop here!

Spice Rack

Spice storage

Spices strewn about can make for a cluttered kitchen. Shop this spice rack and keep your kitchen neat. Its pull-down design gives you visibility to see all your spices, plus the ability to push them back into the cabinet when you want them out of sight.

Amazon Echo Holder

amazon echo holder

Alexa, play “All I Do Is Win”—which is all you’ll be singing when you install this Echo Dot holder in your home. Finding a place near an outlet for Alexa can be a bit challenging. With this holder, you can put her right where she can hear you—and avoid the unsightly look of cords. Shop now.

Wall-Mount Broom Rack

broom storage

Utility closets can often be some of the messiest spaces. We love home organization products that help us re-organize and declutter small spaces—like this wall-mount broom rack. Strong grips will hold your brooms, mops, and Swifers in place, and it can easily be attached to a wall or closet door. Shop now.

K-Cup Wall Caddy

k cup storage

Are you a caffeine nut? HAve to have your morning coffee? Make your experience all the more enjoyable when you organize your K-Cup collection. Being one of our most-adored home organization products, the K-Cup Wall Caddy helps your coffee bar stay stocked, neat, and clean. Shop here.

Stackable Can Organizer

Can organization

Whether you need to organize the Diet Cokes in your fridge or the Spaghettios in your cabinet, this stackable can organizer can get the job done right. Shop here.  

Food Pouch Hanger

food pouch storage

When your little one is hungry (and you’re exhausted) the last thing you want is to have to sift through a crowded cupboard. Organize your child’s food with this easy to hang Food Pouch Organizer—it makes food easy to view and is simple to install! Shop now.

Front Door Catch-All

home storage

Never lose your keys again. Install a front door catch-all near the back or front door (whichever you use most often!). Make it a catch-all for keys, work lanyards, raincoats, umbrellas, and more. Shop one of these innovative home organization products here.

Underbed Storage Boxes

under bed storage

Remember when you were young and your mom told you not to hide your junk under the bed...well, forget it. Sometimes the best way to declutter is to hide it—in an organized fashion, of course! One of the greatest home organization products on the market? Underbed storage boxes. Sturdy and breathable, these are the easiest way to storage last-season shoes, clothes, and more. Shop now.  

StorageTheory Offers The Best in Home Organization Products

Looking for innovative home organization products? StorageTheory is the go-to for smart homeowners looking for creative storage solutions. Simplify your life, increase your productivity, and keep your home neat. We design our products for every room—click here to learn more and shop our home organization products today!


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