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Inventions that Solve Problems: How the Power Perch was Born

Posted by David Adamson on

Here at Storage Theory, we help you organize your life with innovative housewares products. We're always searching for problems that need solving so we can create the next product to make your life easier. We do all of the inventing, designing, and manufacturing right here in our facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to provide you with products that solve those little annoyances you encounter every day in life.

One of our first products, Power Perch, is an example of a product that was created to solve a problem.

Keep your electronics off counters and near outlets with Power Perch | Storage Theory

Problems That Need Solving

Storage Theory Founder and Inventor, Gerald BeranekLike most inventions Power Perch was created out of necessity. Storage Theory President, entrepreneur, and serial inventor, Gerald Beranek, received a rechargeable beard trimmer (yes, the one in the pictures) from his mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. After getting it set up on his bathroom counter he realized there wasn’t a good place to keep it charged that didn’t take up already-in-demand counter space. He searched for an easy space-saving solution that didn’t require him to add holes to his bathroom walls, but couldn't find anything. As a mechanical & manufacturing engineer from the University of Iowa with a passion for developing and manufacturing simple innovative products to solve life's problems, he decided to create his own product.

Power Perch Outlet Shelf Was Born

So Gerald created the Power Perch outlet shelf. It uses the electrical outlet to mount to the wall allowing him to keep his beard trimmer off the counter and close to the outlet for charging. After using his 3D printer to make his newly designed “charging shelf” for the bathroom, he discovered the outlet shelf could be used all around the home as a charging station to keep all of his rechargeable electronics off of the floor and counter tops. The Power Perch was born.

Today we manufacture the Power Perch outlet shelf in our facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but we still use that 3D printer for custom orders. Get a Power Perch shelf that fits your outlet perfectly and keep your counter tops free of your electronics and other small items.

User Power Perch To Organize

There are so many storage options with our Power Perch outlet shelf! Use it in the kitchen or bedroom to charge your mobile phone, tablet, or small laptop. Put one by your stove so you can watch the baby on the baby monitor from your cell phone while you're cooking. It's a great addition to you bathroom to store your electric razor or toothbrush. Add one to an outlet in the garage to hold your drill or other tools. Don't forget to place one in the bedroom for your essential oil or candle burner. Do you know a college student? Power Perch is perfect for extra storage in their dorm room. There is just so much you can do with this product!

Organize your house, office, garage, or dorm with the Power Perch outlet shelf charging station | Storage Theory


Power Perch featured on the Today Show

We're pretty excited about the Power Perch, but we aren't the only ones. Power Perch is an Amazon Choice product with hundreds of 5 STAR reviews. And in February 2017, Power Perch was featured on the Today Show.

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