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New Power Perch Color!

Posted by Sara Larson on

First there was White... then along came Almond and Black... but now there is a new trending color hitting the house scene in Kitchens, Bathrooms and more... and its GREY! Introducing the NEW Power Perch Outlet Shelf:  Same GREYYYAT Features:• Easy to Install• Holds up to 10lbs!• Use existing outlet cover• Create a shelf in seconds! • Cord Management with discreet opening• Versatile• Made in USAShop Now! Or on Amazon! 

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Inventions that Solve Problems: How the Power Perch was Born | Storage Theory

Posted by Christine Young on

Here at Storage Theory, we help you organize your life with innovative housewares products. We're always searching for problems that need solving so we can create the next product to make your life easier. We do all of the inventing, designing, and manufacturing right here in our facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to provide you with products that solve those little annoyances you encounter every day in life. One of our first products, Power Perch, is an example of a product that was created to solve a problem. Problems That Need Solving Like most inventions Power Perch was created out of necessity....

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