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Storage Theory — top 5

5 reasons Wipes are a Must-have in the Bathroom

Posted by Jacob Wilson on

When it comes to personal hygiene, wipes are a popular alternative to traditional toilet paper. Although wipes are generally more expensive than toilet paper, there are several reasons why they may be a better option for your health, comfort, and the environment. Here are five reasons why wipes are better than toilet paper. Wipes are more effective at cleaning. While toilet paper can remove most solid waste, it often leaves behind residue, especially for people who have bowel movements that are more difficult to clean up. Wipes, on the other hand, have a moist texture that allows them to remove...

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Top 5 Tiny Home Storage Solutions

Posted by David Adamson on

Down sizing and Up utilizing are on the rise across America! From HGTV having new Tiny Home shows to Instagram Influencers selling it all and opting in for the simple life -- one thing is certain if you decide to make this change: STORAGE!  Creative cabinets, hiding items under stairs, unique hangers, hooks, everything! Here are some things you may not even consider you need to 'hide' or 'store' when you're in your tiny humble home.  1. Fridge Storage Your fridge size just got cut in HALF maybe even a third! You make obvious room for your essential items: eggs,...

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