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Top 5 Tiny Home Storage Solutions

Posted by David Adamson on

Down sizing and Up utilizing are on the rise across America! From HGTV having new Tiny Home shows to Instagram Influencers selling it all and opting in for the simple life -- one thing is certain if you decide to make this change: STORAGE! 

Creative cabinets, hiding items under stairs, unique hangers, hooks, everything! Here are some things you may not even consider you need to 'hide' or 'store' when you're in your tiny humble home. 

1. Fridge Storage

Your fridge size just got cut in HALF maybe even a third! You make obvious room for your essential items: eggs, condiments, oat milk (use to be regular milk ;) But what about your weekly items, like snacks, greek yogurt and cheese? You have one drawer, 2 shelves and a tiny space in the door. Why on earth would you stack all of your items on top of each other and never make it accessible for easy grabbing? And with your tiny fridge, you can't afford to lose SPACE! That's why our Yogurt Slider is the perfect solution inside your tiny fridge! 

greek yogurt slider

2. Shoe Storage

I was chatting with some co-workers the other day and we were discussing how many shoes women have vs men. I had mentioned I only have 4 pairs of shoes and everyone was SHOCKED! I soon clarified... 'Well, I have 28 pairs, but I only rotate between the 4 pairs...' HAHAHA Likewise, there is NO WAY you're going to be able to keep ALL of your shoes!  Traditional shoe storage doesn't seem like it will make the cut, doors and wide enough for hanging storage, and closets aren't tall enough for verticle closet rack organizers. Best solution may be a bin you can slide under your bed or in a cubby! Check out this shoe bin from Moteph on Amazon.
shoe storage bin for tiny home

3. Food Storage

there is no way you're going to want to run to the store...everyday. It's time to get thrifty with your cooking. Be the chef you've always wanted to be and create a menu that incorporates your food items for almost every meal so there is little waste! But also... Where do you store your food? The box is bigger than the bag inside... the food pouches are thinner outside the box... Take advantage of unboxing and un-bagging and use containers and hangers and sliders! Just like these Food Pouch Hangers and Sliders

food pouch holder tiny home storage organization

4. Towel Storage

Unless living in the tropics, chances are when you get out of the shower it maybe a touch brisk so either keep the heat on and use a thin sand cloud towel, or shower as is and keep your towels tidy and tight with this  sturdy shelf dividers. Rolling has proven to save space, and in doing so you need to keep them tight!

sturdy shelf amazon tiny home towel rack

5. Utensil Storage

At your old home, you may have collected 4 spatulas, 3 wooden spoons, and an array of measuring utensils. With drawer space being so limited, you want to be sure to have the most common sense utensils in your space! Ironically, these measuring cups/spoons are the BEST because they stack and have all the measuring options you would need in measuring cups and measuring spoons combined! No more loose spoons and no more trying to make room for measuring cups! Get this nice measuring stackable combo: 2 in 1 Measuring Cups and Spoons Set. 

2 in 1 Measuring Cup and Spoon set tiny house utensils


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