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HOW TO: Organize Your Kitchen for Clean Eating

Posted by David Adamson on

I think one thing all of us can all agree on is that we could all use a little more clean eating in our lives. And for most of us, clean eating starts in the kitchen! If you are looking to implement more clean eating in your life, try out these eight tips for organizing your kitchen to do just so!

a salad with grilled chicken


Tip #1: When you inevitably buy something unhealthy like cookies or chips , portion it into individual containers or baggies so you are more inclined to eat one portion opposed to the entire box. 


Tip #2: Do a deep clean of anything you haven't eaten in the last six months and either toss or donate anything that is non-perishable. A fresh start is always better. 


Tip #3: Keep your kitchen stocked with allll the healthy stuff. Once you have access to spinach at all times, you (hopefully) will be more likely to eat it.

cold cuts board


Tip #4: Try your best to meal prep large portions of healthy meals for the week, this is essential if you have a super busy schedule with not enough time to cook three meals a day. This tip will help save you money from having to eat at fast food restaurants too!


Tip #5: Remember that we are all human, and we all have cravings. Don't restrict yourself from having anything with sugar ever again....cake is way too good for you to be doing that to yourself. 


Tip #6: Refrigerate & freeze your produce to extend it's life and to give you more time to eat it before it goes bad. For example, an avocado's life can be extended by 3-5 days if you refrigerate it. 

Delicious boiled eggs


Tip #7: Keep a basket of fruit or healthy snacks on your counter at all times for when you start to have cravings for something sweet. 


Tip #8: Purchase smaller plates to eat your meals with. Now when you want to fill up your entire plate with food, the portion sizes wont be as big...and of course if you're still hungry you can go in for seconds!




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